Designs Gallery

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  1. Gourmet Fruit Cups
    Chocolate bowls filled with a cream cheese filling and a selection of fresh berries
    Gourmet Fruit Cups
  2. Nuts and Color Inversion
    toppings and design customization
    Nuts and Color Inversion
  3. Beautiful Pops of Color
    Custom color options on chocolate-covered Oreo cookies and gourmet fruit bowls
    Beautiful Pops of Color
  4. Vibrant Blue and Navy
    color customized
    Vibrant Blue and Navy
  5. Lemon icebox Pie
    Fresh-squeezed lemons and fresh fruit toppings w/ whipped cream...YUM!
    Lemon icebox Pie
  6. Chocolate-Covered Cherries
    Bing cherries in white chocolate
    Chocolate-Covered Cherries
  7. Teacher's Appreciation 2015
    We appreciate all you do for our children!
    Teacher's Appreciation 2015
  8. Chocolate-dipped Apple Slices
    Juicy Granny Smith slices covered w/ white chocolate
    Chocolate-dipped Apple Slices
  9. 8th Birthday Party
    Drizzled crispy treats, pretzel sticks, and chocolate-covered apples
    8th Birthday Party
  10. Springtime chocolate covered apples
    Beautifully done, bright custom colors
    Springtime chocolate covered apples
  11. Chocolate-covered apples
    Beautiful blue and purple custom colors
    Chocolate-covered apples
  12. Rice crispy treats
    Crispy treats with a colorful white chocolate topping
    Rice crispy treats
  13. Rice crispy treats
    Baby onesie treats with suspenders and bowtie
    Rice crispy treats
  14. White Chocolate
    White chocolate with golden pearl finish and white stripes
    White Chocolate
  15. Kids Bags
    3-berry baggies, perfect for the little ones!
    Kids Bags
  16. Lemon Icebox Pies
    Icebox pies layered in mason jars
    Lemon Icebox Pies
  17. White chocolate berries
    White chocolate with pink and brown designs
    White chocolate berries
  18. Milk and White Chocolate Strawberries
    Classic flavors with cute, simplistic designs
    Milk and White Chocolate Strawberries
  19. Rice Crispy Treats
    Gorgeous under the Sea themed treats
    Rice Crispy Treats
  20. Chocolate Fruit Cups
    Chocolate Fruit Cups
  21. Classic box with chopped pecans
    Classic box with chopped pecans
  22. Pretty in Pink
    Pretty in Pink