Price List

*All menu items may contain or be in contact with nut products. But no worries! When made aware, we can accomodate nut allergies.
Petite Desserts
Chocolate Gourmet Fruit Cups - $4/​ea OR $15/​box of 4
Lemon/Lemonberry Pie - $1.50/​ea
Banana Pudding Cups - $1.50/​ea
Cheesecake cups w/fruit topping - $1.50/ea
Mini Rice Crispies - $10/​doz
Mini Icebox Pies (Lemon, Strawberry, and Lemonberry) ​- $3.50/​ea

Sweet Treats                              | ½ Doz/ Full |
Chocolate-covered Strawberries..  $12 / $20
*Add $2/$4 for nuts..
**Color customization, including gold, silver, handpainting, etc. STARTS at $5/per half dozen.                    
Chocolate-covered Cherries...........$15 / $25
*Starting price, based on seasonal availability.
Chocolate-dipped Apple Slices......$8 / $15
Chocolate-stuffed Strawberries - $30/doz
Cheesecake-stuffed Strawberies - $30/doz 

Half-dipped Oreos - $10/​doz
Faux Macaroon-style Oreos - $12/​doz
​**Chocolate-covered Oreos  - $8/$15
**w/ custom edible image ​- $18/$35

Chocolate-drizzled Rice Crispy Treats -Starting at $15/doz
Chocolate-covered Apple - ​Starting at $3/apple
Cookies 'n' Cream Pie (9") - $12
Lemon/Lemonberry Ice box pie - $12
Oreo Balls - $22/2 doz
Chocolate-covered Pretzel Rods - $20/2 doz
Sample Box (includes 3 dipped strawberries, 2 dipped pretzel rods or 2 chocoalte covered orederd (any style *no custom image), 1 mini icebox pie, and 1 chocolate fruit cup) - $15
Fruit & Treat Assortment w/ Chocolate Fountain:
Berry Boom Package $340 - serves up to 150
Berry Burst Package $450 - serves up to 225
Berry Blast Package $560 - serves up to 300
Fruit & Treat Assortment only:
Berry Bloom Package $225 - serves up to 100
Berry Bunch Package $335 - serves up to 175
Berry Bush Package $445 - serves up to 250
*All packages include an assortment of seasonal fresh fruit with a variety of salty and sweet treats
**$5/person for each additional guest
Specialty Items
Strawberry Tree- Our beautiful chocolate covered strawbwerry tree starts at $100 (small), adorned with approximately 30 strawberries and a beautiful floral arrangement.

Marshmallow pops/kabobs- starting at $15 per doz

Other Services
Chocolate Fountain rental (includes chocolate) - $150
Setup and supply rental feestarting at $20

How will your order be acquired? Pick-up | Delivery
Is set up required with delivery? YES | NO (if yes, add $15)
If setup is required, will platters/displays be provided for setup, or will the use of Berry Sweet Strawberry Treats’ platters/displays be needed? (If use of platters is required, add $10)


Large Order Guidelines
-"Large" orders are all orders totaling $100+
-All correspondence for large orders must be via email.
-25% retainer fee is required for ALL event orders.
Please allow at least 24 hours for large order price quotes.